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4 Key Reasons to Relaunch Our Midland Campus

Our heartbeat is to reach people who rarely darken a church door.

Authenticity, humor, and modern worship are our flavor.

Before COVID, we were a movement of changed lives in Midland.

Then everything shut down.

Now we're ready to reopen our doors to serve people who don't always *like* going to church.
Before we actually reopen our doors in Midland, it's important to remember why we're doing what we're doing.

Here are 4 Key Reasons to Relaunch Our Midland Campus.

1. The Great Commission

Going multisite is an act of obedience to Matthew 28's Great Commission of “making disciples” and to the mission of our church. The starting point in considering multisite begins with the vision of our church. What is God calling our church to be, and then do in the Great Lakes Bay Region?
  • Is my church growing at least five percent a year through conversions, baptisms and changed lives?

  • Is my church meeting resistance to enlarging our current campus due to zoning rules, environmental concerns, or traffic congestion?

  • Is my church facility exceeding 50% capacity at the optimal inviting hours?

(Though preachers and worship leaders prefer packed auditoriums, unchurched people in the post-pandemic era are more comfortable with space between strangers. Think about where you prefer to sit when going to see a movie at a theater full of strangers). 

2. The Great Harvest

Do you know the redemptive potential of our region? Jesus said, Lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are ripe for harvest!” (John 4:35).

What was true 2,000 years ago is even more so today. Most communities across America are 75-95% unchurched and our church is planted in the midst of a great mission field. Do you know the size of the harvest around you?
  • Is our community 50% or more unchurched? (Answer: Yes!)

  • Does my church have a good reputation in the community?

  • Would my church be missed by the community if it disappeared? 

3. Greater Impact

Multisiting is all about taking your church to the people in the community next door. One of the most amazing and consistent facts about church attendance in America is that the majority of church-goers live within a 15-minute drive of their church building. The rest live within thirty minutes. Only a very few, if any, will drive more than thirty minutes to church.

If our church can reproduce itself 20-30 minutes from its current location, it will expand its geographical reach into a new mission field.
  • Does my church want to be more accessible to more people in our region?

  • Is my church compelled by a vision to launch new congregations in our region that are healthy, sustainable, and reproductive?

4. Good Stewardship

Multisite campuses cost less but have greater impact.  COVID finally cured American churches of our addiction to unsustainable mega-campuses and demonstrated that buildings don’t reach people, people reach people. 

We also learned that buildings don’t generate income, life-changing ministry does. Going forward new church buildings will be smaller, simpler, multipurpose, multi-venue and community-centric. Small is the new big!

Multisite churches reach more people better, faster and cheaper because they offer a good balance of evangelism and discipleship. Multisite churches provide more opportunities for volunteers and more support for them. Multisite campuses can reach more people from a solid base of mature believers who already live in the target area, who attend your church and carry your church’s DNA.

  • Does my church want to release more people into high impact, meaningful ministry?

  • Does my church want to reach and serve more people in the most efficient and cost-effective way?

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