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Has Your Church Considered a Church Merger?

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We Are Better Together

Church mergers have become one of the most effective strategies for struggling churches to thrive again, for growing churches to amplify their reach, and for church facilities to be better utilized to advance the Gospel in a region.

What is a Church Merger?

When two or more churches become one through the combining, integrating, and unifying of people, structures, systems, and resources in order to better reach their community with the message of Jesus.

See What God Can Do Through You

There are three kinds of church mergers:

  1. Rebirth
    Typically when a struggling church gets a second life by being restarted under a stronger, vibrant, usually larger church.

  2. Adoption
    This occurs when a stable or stuck church is integrated under the leadership of a stronger, vibrant, usually larger church.

  3. Marriage
    Typically when two growing churches realign with each other under a unified vision and new leadership configuration.

Questions to Consider

1. Could we accomplish more together than we could separately?  Would we find more ministry synergy, created by the two churches joining with common vision and purpose?

2. Would my congregation benefit from this merger?
 Would my individual congregation be better, healthier or stronger by joining with this church?

3. Would our community be better served by us working together?  By joining forces, can we make a bigger impact in our surrounding community?

4. Could the Kingdom of God be further extended by us joining together? Would uniting help us make more and better disciples of Jesus?
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