Join us at our Midland location this Sunday, 9:30am


Because we are such a young church, we have multiple wedding requests every month!

Here are quick FAQ’s on Weddings at Life Church:

  • YES, we have officiants available for Christian weddings.

  • NO, we are unable to rent the inside our Saginaw or Bay City facilities for your wedding.

  • YES, we are able to rent our outdoor space for weddings at our Saginaw Campus.


Like Jesus we are a loving church community and no matter who you are - black or white, religious or irreligious, outgoing or shy, gay or straight - ALL are invited.

The Scriptures are our supreme source of truth.
Because they are inspired by God, the Bible is the truth for living without any mixture of error.

Marriage is introduced in the Scriptures in Genesis 2, before sin and brokenness scarred our world.
A man and a woman uniting together as one flesh is God's idea.
Marriage is a sacred gift.


Marriage is God's idea.

Jesus affirmed it.

Paul taught on how marriage echoes our relationship with Christ.

And as Christ Followers, we are called to honor the marriage bed.


We want your special day to be both awesome and God-honoring.

If you are requesting a Life Church pastor to officiate, this Wedding Agreement is required for both the Groom and Bride:

- Wedding Requests must be submitted at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

- Submitting this request does not lock-in or guarantee your wedding with Life Church.

- Bride and Groom have viewed Week One of our 'God With Us' teaching series and understand God's unique approach to marriage.

- Bride and Groom agree to a minimum of three 45 minute pre-marital sessions with their pastor (more may be added).  Sessions will be scheduled during normal Office Hours (Mon-Thurs, 8am-4pm).

- Bride and Groom will make Life Church a priority in their lives by attending weekly worship, completing our online Growth Track, and serving every other Sunday on a Ministry Team.

- Bride and Groom will honor God by choosing sexual abstinence and living in separate homes.

- An honorarium will be provided to the officiant at the Wedding Rehearsal.