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5 Steps to Sharing About Christ

Sharing our faith doesn't have to be weird; it's all about investing our lives in others and naturally talking about what we are passionate about: Christ!
Cru1 recently reported that 84% of the U.S. population is ready and willing to have conversations about Jesus -- as long as these five postures exist in the conversation:

1. Be present and listen.  Follow the conversation and not your agenda.

2. Find common ground.  Build a relational bridge.

3. Walk in their shoes.  Understand their story.

4. Talk like a real person.  Use words meant for real people and not the pews.

5. Create a better story than the one they've heard.

1 Chen, Josh. "Evangelism Reimagined: Seeking the Thriving and Wholeness of Others," Outreach Magazine (Jan/Feb 2022).  
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Jonathan Herron

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