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A Note from Pastor Jon on Giving Tuesday

Sometimes I wonder why Amber and I have such audacious dreams. 

I suppose we were cut from the same cloth... we root for the underdog and believe in the impossible.

When we planted Life Church 9 years ago and acquired our Saginaw Campus facility and property 7 years ago, we never believed this tiny little church would grow so fast, that staff would be added so fast, all while pursuing three more infant adoptions for our young family. 

But there was this still, small Voice that whispered, "The time is now."

Our hearts have always been to reach the lost at any cost.

So we jumped in feet first and never looked back despite the many obstacles along the way.  The hard work.  The unrelenting repairs.  The ups and downs.  The pandemic.  The disappointments.  The loss of income.

We are currently in a season of Rebuilding Home, facing a host of unknowns and needs for the months ahead.  We feel the weight of it and we are humbly asking for your partnership as we navigate Life Church into the future.

I'll admit, at times like this, I wonder why we were given the opportunity to steward such an incredible church... such an incredible people.

I wonder why we were entrusted with an amazing facility that serves area families on Sundays, area youth on Tuesdays, and small groups throughout the week.

I wonder why church planting is such hard, sometimes exhausting work.  Miscommunications and misunderstandings easily occur when a church experiences such rapid growth, and it hurts every time.

But then I remember...

The families who came, the lives that were changed, the hearts renewed, the baptisms celebrated, and the souls refreshed.

I remember the good.  The beauty.  The forever friends.
All found and forged right here in the middle of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

I'm reminded of the great calling we have and the enormous privilege it is to steward a legacy of love and healing.

I can get stuck wondering when I know in my heart of hearts, our work here is just getting started.

We are standing on the edge of a promise with only unknowns before us.  Personally, our family is planted here and we aren't going anywhere. 

Honestly, we are in a season of dried-up resources and a huge responsibility to sustain.  We are holding all of this with open hands as we are reminded that we are only caretakers of this church and vision.

If your life has been touched by the ministries of Life Church, would you consider sharing a special gift this Giving Tuesday or during our Christmas Offering on Sunday, December 11th?

Life Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your donations are tax-deductible at

And if you simply want to give because you can, we would be so grateful. 

Thank you,

Pastor Jon

Jonathan Herron

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