Join us at our Midland location this Sunday, 9:30am

Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room.

We all wrestle with relationship questions.

I mean, who hasn't updated their Facebook relationship status?

Join us Sundays this September at 9:30am + 11:15am as Jonathan Herron shares real advice and fearlessly tackles everything you've ever wondered about God, love, sex and dating.

14 Days
to a Better Marriage

Loving Life Single

If you are single, there is nothing wrong with you!

Regardless of what the world tells you, in Christ, you are complete.

Join us for a special series of Daily Devotionals written especially for you.

Messages in This Series

Forget Religion + Find God.

Life Church isn't like all the others.

We're a modern church where it's safe to probe your faith without feeling like you're the one who got probed!

Give us a shot this weekend.

Live band.  Fun kids' stuff.  

Plus messages full of laughter and hope.

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