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What's the MINISTRY STRATEGY of Life Church?

Jan 12, 2021    Jonathan Herron

* Read 'Holy Shift' for the history and unique ministry strategy of our church

Narrow the Focus

- WHAT is the mission? Luke 15

- WHO is our mission field? The Lost, Let-Down & Looking.

- Our Vision: Reach the Lost at Any Cost!



Healthy Things Grow
Growing Things Change
Changing Things Challenge
Challenging Things Drive Us Toward God
Trusting God Leads to Obedience
Obeying God Leads to Health
Healthy Things Grow...


- At Life Church, we think STEPS, not PROGRAMS!

- High Tech + High Touch

- Post-COVID World = Strengthen our High Touch

- Our role is to help people take next steps from Crowd to Christ to Core!


Lifers are our CORE.

- What is a LIFER? A Lifer is someone living out the 4 G's of Life Church:

1) GROWTH - I am committed to the GROWTH of my church by INVITING!

2) GROUPS - Watch your faith grow through investing in GROUP relationships with people who want to learn and grow with you.

3) GIFTS - Use your spiritual GIFTS and start volunteering right away -- see the immediate difference you can make by serving on a Team.

4) GENROSITY - See God’s promises fulfilled through your GENEROSITY and take ownership in what God is doing through this ministry.




- We are structured for SUCCESS!

- Jesus is the Senior Pastor (1 Peter 5)

- Lead Pastor is the Quarterback (1 Peter 5, Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3)

- Lead Pastor is accountable to Board of Directors

- Accounting Firm is accountable to Board of Directors

- Staff are accountable to Lead Pastor (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1)

- Ministry Interns are accountable to Staff (Paul - Timothy - Titus)

- Lifers are set-up for SUCCESS every Sunday by Staff and Interns (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12)

Process of moving Crowd to Christ to Core: Begin, Belong, Believe
(think steps, not programs!)


"Every heart with Christ is a missionary;
every heart without Christ is a mission field."

(Dick Hillis, missionary to Asia)


D.L. Moody to religious critics:
"I prefer the way I do evangelism to the way you don't."