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Week Four

Read Chapters 7 - 9

"He always lives to make intercession for them."  (Hebrews 7:25)

1.  Do you think much about what Jesus is doing right now?  

2.  What is the connection between Christ's intercession and Christ's heart?  (pp. 78-79)

3.  What does it mean that Jesus intercedes for us?  How does that calm and reassure you right now?  (pp. 79-81)

4.  Reflect on the phrase "to the uttermost" in Hebrews 7:25.  How is that phrase, translating a single word (panteles), a comfort to you?  (pp. 82-83)

5.  Have you realized that, if you are in Christ, he himself is praying for you?  How does this transform or strengthen your own prayer life?  (p. 84)

6.  What is the difference between an intercessor and an advocate?  How does the notion of advocacy develop that of intercession?  (p. 87)

7.  What are some truths about Jesus the advocate, as taught in 1 John 2:1?  (p. 89)

8.  Is there some way in your heart right now that you are defending yourself, which God is calling you to lay down and to rest completely on the advocacy of Jesus Christ on your behalf?  (pp. 93-94)

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