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Week Three

Read Chapters 5-6

"Whoever comes to Me I will never cast out."  (John 6:37)

1.  Consider the image of a father that John Owen uses in the block quote on page 55.  What is Owen saying about the depth of feeling that Christ experiences toward his sinning people?

2.  What is the difference between fixing your attention on your sin versus fixing your attention on Christ? (p. 57)

3.  What is a particularly precious truth to you emerging from the first half of John 6:37 ("All that the Father gives to Me will come to Me")?  (pp. 60-61)

4.  In light of John Bunyan's quote on page 62, consider your own heart.  What are some ways in which you find yourself wiggling out from under Christ's promise never to cast you out?  What in your life renders it difficult to believe Christ will never cast you out?

5.  Do you find your heart operating in a way akin to the mock dialogue between us and Jesus on pages 63-64?  How does John 6:37 surprise you?

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