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Financial Transparency

News headlines and social media are sadly rampant in today's world with alarming stories about non-profits and churches that have mismanaged donor funds.

We want you to know that at Life Church, we aim to be completely transparent and honest in all we do.

Above Reproach

At Life Church, we want to earn your household's trust by being a church above reproach (1 Timothy 3:2).

Our finances are overseen by a local Board of Directors.  In 2023, those overseers are:

Nick Fischer of Bay City
Mandy Shores of Bay City
Rob Fee of Midland
Bill Halke of Saginaw Township
Jonathan Herron of Saginaw Township

Our lead pastor is accountable to the Board of Directors and our ministry staff is accountable to our lead pastor.

Transparency & Honesty

We teach from the Scriptures the principles of tithing and bringing offerings to the Lord.

When you give to Life Church, you really give through Life Church.

Every dollar furthers our mission of inspiring people to follow Christ.

Every dollar is carefully recorded by our Finance Team so that Donors receive a Year-End Contribution Statement for Tax Deductions.

Current Financial Records

These are our current financial records.

We share them openly because we value your trust.

Thank You for partnering with Life Church!